About Us

SAIT Campus

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, SAIT is a leading provider of education, training and workplace development solutions worldwide. We understand that the quality of your workforce is the single biggest factor impacting your success.

We assess and customize to your needs. Your requirements are unique. Your training program should support your culture, plans for growth and philosophy. We have hundreds of professional development courses available which can be tailored into a specific program that will ensure that your time and money are well spent.

We use our industry advisors to continuously tap into what is happening in your industry. We understand the challenges faced when developing a workforce and are committed to working with you on solutions specific and relevant to you.

Our training is skills-based. We don’t just teach the “why”; we also engage our learners in the “how.” Using labs, equipment and proven participatory learning methods, we are committed to providing practical skills.

We offer real-world instructional expertise. Our instructors are respected industry experts who have years of experience in their field.

We offer learninganytime, anywhere. We pride ourselves on delivering training programs that work best for your organization and how your employees learn best. We can train on-site at your location, in our world-class campus labs and classrooms, and many of our courses can also be delivered online.

SAIT certification is industry recognized. We can provide the industry certification that your employees are looking for. Many of our courses can be applied to SAIT Certificates, where completion is recognition of the skills to get the job done. In addition, we can help you develop a corporate certificate program, tailored to your company’s culture and objectives.

We understand your workforce and support their lifelong learning. Each year, hundreds of our graduates enter the workforce. Our core business is to provide industry with the skills, competency, and confidence to make your organization a success.

Interested in flexible group options?

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