About Us


SAIT Corporate Training Solutions offers 100 years of experience in training and development. Our approach combines end-to-end solutions with in-house expertise to develop customized training options for business. As your training partner, SAIT collaborates with you from conception and planning through to delivery and evaluation.

We help you assess your needs

The first step is for us to get to know you. We’ll dig into the details and find out what makes your business, and your employees, tick. Our client-centered service model allows us to incorporate your specific training needs, expectations and desired outcomes into the process. SAIT helps you identify the skills and knowledge gaps that are key to your team’s success.

Industry-supported curriculum for adult learners

We understand the needs of adult learners. Our trained educators and industry experts create hands-on, experiential curriculum based on real-world examples. SAIT’s training facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and simulation capabilities. Training experiences are interactive, with practical opportunities to apply theoretical learning.

Achieving your goals

SAIT provides custom training solutions that are convenient and flexible. Whether short-term, long-term or continually in flux, your training goals are our priority. Enjoy personalized service that connects you with the planning, resources and program development you need to help your employees be successful.