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SAIT is a leading provider of education, training and workforce development solutions worldwide. The following videos provide a glimpse of who we are, and how and what we do for business and industry worldwide.

International Workforce Development Solutions

International Corporate Training Nov 2014 98x56 Learn about SAIT and its international experience and expertise in the delivery of workforce development solutions in this two-minute video.
Angola LNG Video Still This 10-minute video illustrates an example of the in-Canada component of our Training for Workforce Nationalization program delivered in 2010-2011 for Angola LNG participants.
Esso LNG Video Still In this two-minute video Esso Angola students from our SAIT Workforce Nationalization program celebrate their graduation with a song about their educational journey and success.

Operator Training and Power Engineering Training Solutions

The following short videos provide a glimpse of just a few of our Training Solutions for Oil and Gas Operator Technicians and Power Engineers for self-directed online learning or as part of your company's customized progression training program:

Training for OG Operators and Power Engineers To date, SAIT has trained approximately 40,000 operators worldwide. Learn more in this three-minute video about our operations and maintenance training options.
CMPR-6004 Gas Compression Module Gas Compression—Auxiliaries, Stage Arrangements (CMPR-6004). This module is part of our Production Field Operations Level D program and Gas Process Operations Level B program.
PROP-6009 Fractionation Module Screen Fractionation Tower and Tray Design (PROP-6009). This module is part of our Production Field Operations Level D program and Gas Process Operations Level C program.
PROP-6029 Sweetening Equipment Module Screen Sweetening Equipment (PROP-6029). This module is part of Production Field Operations Level C program and Gas Process Operations Level C program.

Project Management Training

Project Management Training 146x84 Learn more about how SAIT is helping companies and their employees become more productive with skills-based project management and program management training in this one-minute video.

Hands-on Training Labs, Equipment, Facilities

In partnership with industry, SAIT has established leading-edge centres of applied technology to support practical, interactive, hands-on learning. The following virtual tours highlight just a few of the many buildings, labs and facilities used to deliver on-campus customized training programs.

Wellsite Screen
Energy-related Centres of Technology
TTC Screen

Construction-related Facilities

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