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Employment Law training

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Designed to mitigate risk and liability within your organization, employment law training from SAIT will increase your knowledge of legal issues, and reduce the amount of time spent on escalated employer-employee issues.

Note, this program is not a substitute for legal advice and should not be considered as such.

Industry experts make a difference

Delivered by instructors experienced in their field, this program will provide the legal perspectives, strategies, and solutions required to gain a full understanding of employment laws within your organization.

Certification and delivery options

Earn a SAIT-branded Employment Law Certificate of Completion, or take individual courses targeting specific subject areas. SAIT tailors it training to your organizational needs and offers a variety of delivery formats, including online and in-person.

Group training

Consider group training to provide a consistent learning experience for all members of your organization, and ensure that common language and practices are implemented within your company.

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