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New construction estimating program responds to industry need

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Estimating can make or break your bottom line in the construction industry. As competition increases, the number of bidders per project increases, creating more demand for professionally trained construction estimators.

Experienced and new estimators can benefit from further training in this area. Estimating applies to many sectors, including residential and commercial construction, engineering and architectural firms, contractors and those working in the trades.

At SAIT, we work in partnership with industry to stay ahead of demand and deliver courses that are relevant to employers. Our construction experts work with SAIT’s trained educators to build curriculum that’s informed by real-world knowledge and experience.

SAIT’s courses in construction estimating provide the knowledge and technical skills needed to analyze scopes of work, interpret blueprints, build construction plans and schedules, and communicate technical information effectively. This ultimately maximizes your return on investment through satisfied customers and better profit margins.

With convenient online delivery, flexible group options and cost-saving programs like the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, there has never been a better time to train with SAIT. Take individual courses or complete all eight to earn a post-secondary accredited certificate of achievement.

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