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Additional thoughts on moving from vision to inspiration

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We had such a great response to our webinar on leadership delivered by SAIT’s own Matt Adolphe, we’ve thought we’d share some of the questions asked by our audience that we didn’t get to. Matt offers his expert opinion on a wide range of topics, and we’ve picked the ones we think you’d be interested in below.

Q. Do you have any specific leadership courses that you can recommend to someone trying to take on a new leadership role?

A. Each student may have different gaps depending on their skill level and experience. SAIT has three bundles of applied management courses to narrow down the student’s needs. Three courses that can be applied to leaders at all levels are Communicating Effectively, Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management.

Q. Which SAIT courses can help when dealing with conflict or different personality types?

A. SAIT’s Communicating Effectively, Emotional Intelligence, Supervisory Skills and Conflict Management courses all teach approaches to dealing with tough conversations in the workplace and help employees of various working styles communicate effectively.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on the approach to take to secure buy-in and ownership of tasks when you are leading a team of volunteers who run a non-profit?

A. Volunteers are there because they want to be – they’ve invested in their tasks already. If you’re having issues, ask them why they’re there, what motivates them, and ask them to create their own “why.” Then, incorporate that into a collective vision. The emotion and drive to complete the tasks begins with “why?”

Q. When your leadership is lacking leadership within itself, or is under change fatigue, where do you start to motivate them?

A. Building a vision is important within your own individual group, even if the company itself lacks vision. You can’t wait for those outside your group to inspire you, but rather inspire yourself.

Q. Can a vision statement be too broad? How can it affect an organization and its employees if the vision statement is too broad?

A. If you’re a supervisor, you need to be able to take any vision your company gives you and make it work. Motivate your people under that specific vision.

Q. If you’re a leader who has a distinct style, how can you move into the other styles as required?

A. Treat people how they want to be treated, not how you want to be treated. Learn your employees’ personalities and work with them.