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Course Detail - Power Engineering Fourth Class (Part A and B)
Course Code: PWEN-220

Power Engineering Fourth Class (Part A and B)

Fourth Class is the starting point for those looking to work with high pressure boilers. This course prepares students to write the Government Part A and Part B Exams in Alberta. In order to write the Government Part B exam, students must have six months of approved work experience on a Fourth Class boiler or complete SAIT's Power Engineering Fourth Class 200-hour lab. Work experience is only needed for the government exam and students can complete the SAIT course without having any work experience.

In other provinces, students can take the government exam after the required number of months of operating experience has been completed, as outlined in the engineers’ regulations. For the requirements for certification outside of Alberta, please contact your local boiler branch or visit the SOPEEC website.

See the Notes section below for more important details about this course.


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Power Engineering
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Prerequisite: It is recommended but not required that students have a minimum of Grade 10 Math, Physics and English.

This course covers the following 30 units (each unit may have up to 10 sections):

Part A: Applied Mathematics; Elementary Mechanics; Elementary Thermodynamics; Sketching & Administration; Codes & Standards; Workplace Hazardous Materials; Safety; Plant Fire Protection; Environment; Materials & Welding; Piping; High Pressure Boiler Design; Draft, Combustion & High Pressure Boiler Fittings; High Pressure Boiler Operations; and Water Treatment.

Part B: Prime Movers & Engines; Pumps & Compressors; Lubrication; Electricity; Controls & Instrumentation; Heating Boilers; Steam & Water Heating Systems; Heating Boiler & Heating System Controls; Auxiliary Building Systems; Vapour Compression Refrigeration; Absorption Refrigeration; Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning Systems; Boiler Maintenance; and Types of Plants.

There are two SAIT exams and 144 assignments that must be successfully completed before taking the government exam.

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