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Course Detail - Alberta Oil and Gas Regulations Overview*
Course Code: PETR-112

Alberta Oil and Gas Regulations Overview*

The oil and gas industry is inundated with regulatory processes and legislation. This two-day course will introduce the learner to the major legislative and regulatory bodies. The learner will come to recognize what each department and branch is responsible for and how their mandate is reflected in the day to day operation of an oil and gas company. Specific attention and detail will be spent on the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), as it is the front line of regulatory process in Alberta's oil and gas industry. The ERCB focus will establish a strategy for the learner which will outline how the Directives, Bulletins and Approvals operate to promote compliance in the industry. This course will provide learners with a relevant and intuitive introduction into oil and gas regulation from an operational perspective, and is intended to improve the general understanding of regulatory purpose, procedure and process.

*The Alberta Oil and Gas Regulations program, which includes this course listed above, is currently under review to address regulatory changes. Please contact us at or subscribe to the Alberta Oil and Gas Regulations mailing list to receive updates on the program.

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