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Course Detail - Creating Engaged and Motivated Employees
Course Code: SUPV-218

Creating Engaged and Motivated Employees

Rekindling commitment, motivating staff and generating enthusiasm are critical concerns in your workplace today. Human capital is the most valuable asset in any organization. Most people are eager to do a good job and put forth their best effort, yet many people seem "retired on the job" or otherwise disengaged. This supervisory course will highlight the 3 key motivators people are looking for in their work. It will help you get to the core of what really motivates people by exploring the value of recognition, the role of rewards and the impact of an environment that is fun and celebrates success.

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Distance Learning May 07, 2018 to Jun 17, 2018
Approximately 14 hours over 6 weeks 48194 $415
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No prerequisite for this course. To obtain SAIT's Applied Management Certificate, courses completed must add up to a minimum of 144 hours. This course can be used as an elective for SAIT's Applied Project Management Certificate.

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