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Course Detail - Project Management and Microsoft Project
Course Code: BCPT-239

Project Management and Microsoft Project

In today's constantly changing business environment, organizations must deal with organizational challenges, resource constraints, growing complexity and increased risks which increase the urgency of adopting efficient and effective methods for managing projects. This introductory course focuses on the fundamental principles of project management. You will examine basic project management practices for defining the scope of a project, planning the project, executing the project with an effective project team, and successfully completing the project to the customer's satisfaction. You will then apply the project management theory using a popular computer-based tool. Special emphasis will be given to proper planning and management of a project using Microsoft Project.

Location or Delivery Dates Length CRN Price
Calgary Seminar Jun 08, 2015 to Jun 12, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 47187 $765
Calgary Seminar Jul 06, 2015 to Jul 10, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 10812 $765
Weekend Course Sep 12, 2015 to Oct 17, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 20630 $765
Calgary Seminar Sep 14, 2015 to Sep 18, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 20896 $765
Calgary Seminar Nov 02, 2015 to Nov 06, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 55475 $765
Weekend Course Nov 07, 2015 to Dec 05, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 56714 $765
Calgary Seminar Nov 23, 2015 to Nov 27, 2015
30 hours over 5 days 56013 $765
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