Canada-Alberta Job Grant


Invest in Your Current and Future Workforce

Do you require training for your current or potential employees to fill current or future positions?  The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is here to help you support and invest in employee training to increase productivity, employee skills and employee retention.

SAIT Can Help

SAIT is a leading provider of applied education, training and workforce development solutions to organizations worldwide. As your trusted training provider, we can help your organization and employees with your specific skills-based training requirements for CAJG funding as well as assist you with your application submission.

Are you an employee looking for more information on how your employer can access this training? Read more at here.

Before Applying for Funding


  • Is least 21 hours in length and delivered by a third-party trainer
  • Must be incremental in that it does not replace prior training investments or regular operational training
  • Must be completed within 52 weeks of training program start date
  • Results in some sort of credential (record of completion, certificate, grade, etc.) 
  • Must start within six months after receiving approval
  • 100% of training cost covered for eligible unemployed hires (up to $15,000) with incremental training requirement waived
  • Sole proprietors can now train employees using CAJG
  • Assistance on travel costs for small and medium-sized organizations (outside of Edmonton and Calgary) when training is over 100km one way

Note that the location, method of delivery and structure of the eligible training is flexible. Training can be delivered online, on-site or in a classroom, and it may be undertaken on either a part-time or full-time basis. View eligible SAIT programs and courses.

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