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Get Energy Team Challenge

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We know communication between the field, operations and administration is challenging if your team isn’t connected by a common goal. Similarly, your customer relationships are impacted when the team and clients aren’t speaking the same language.

Our world class instructors at the MacPhail School of Energy came up with a fun and informative way to bridge the gap for non-technical teams working in the energy sector.

Interactive hands-on team building

SAIT’s “Get Energy” Team Challenge creates authentic opportunities for corporate teams to get their hands dirty. Using SAIT’s state of the art labs and simulators, participants work together to achieve actual industry targets and outcomes.

And, because a little competition never hurt anyone, we’ll be keeping score. Game on!

Gasoline Price Wars - Demystifying Gasoline Manufacturing and Production

  • Facility – Fully Operational Distillation Tower
  • Challenge – Simulate the processing, refining and selling of gasoline products

Rig Pros - Demystifying Drilling

  • Facility – Drilling Rig Simulator
  • Challenge – Drill a well safely and efficiently, just like real rig techs are trained

Fracking 101 - Demystifying Hydraulic Fracturing

  • Facility – Coiled Tubing Simulator
  • Challenge – Execute a successful well fracking operation

Help your team learn more about how the energy industry works and what’s happening in the field.  Register today for one of SAIT’s “Get Energy” Team Challenges.

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