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Essential Oil and Gas Seminars

Have you ever wondered what a drill bit looks like? Or what all the different areas of an oil and gas company are? What fracing is and why it is in the media? Or how the oil sands differ from other types of oil?

If you are working in or with the oil and gas industry and want to better understand how different aspects of this industry work, these seminars will give you the foundation you need. Our popular Petroleum Industry Overview is a great starting point to provide a foundational understanding of how the industry works. The Business of Oil and Gas will give you a good understanding of how an oil and gas company works. Other courses in the series will help you understand the different facets of the industry.

Appropriate for both technical and non-technical staff, these seminars will increase your energy literacy by giving you an understanding of the basic technology, terminology, processes and current issues in Alberta's oil and gas industry today.

Our team of instructors have worked in the field and bring years of industry experience to the classroom.

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