Workforce Development for Oil and Gas

SAIT in Calgary, Alberta is a leader in providing hands-on, skills-based, and technology-focused education and training solutions for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Developed by industry for industry, and continuously updated to reflect the most current industry requirements and standards, our oil and gas-related training and development programs draw from the best of SAIT and industry partner curriculum, as well as SAIT learning technologies, labs, equipment, facilities, instructor and subject matter expertise, all delivered through the MacPhail School of Energy – the first school of energy in Canada and one of only a handful of energy schools in North America.

Supporting Technical Skills Development

Training Solutions for Operators Our operations and maintenance  and power engineering training offers an industry-recognized standard for the competency development and progression of operators worldwide. Every year SAIT trains approximately 7,000 operators in these competency-based programs which are offered in a variety of delivery formats including correspondence, online, instructor-led, and blended.

Supporting Energy Literacy, Technical Knowledge and Safety

Energy Literacy Knowledge Safety SAIT offers oil and gas-focused training programs and courses to support increased energy literacy in the workplace to help employees better understand the work they do, to solve problems better, and to make more informed decisions on the job. We offer oil and gas industry overviews and foundational technical oil and gas training for technical personnel and for those servicing or selling to the oil and gas industry. For more than 15 years, we have helped local oil and gas companies skill up their summer hires with our popular Summer Student Field Safety program.

Supporting Workforce Development in Emerging Oil and Gas Markets

OperatorTraining for Workforce NationalizationSAIT has been active in the international marketplace for more than 30 years providing educational and training services in numerous countries while serving a wide range of clients including governments, national oil companies, international oil companies and academic institutions. Since 2003, we have been delivering an award-winning fast-track operator training program for Workforce Nationalization providing companies operating in new oil and gas markets with comprehensive, hands-on, industry-standard oil and gas training for their local workforces. With our nearly 100 years’ experience and expertise in the Canadian technical vocational education,  we have also consulted and advised governments and private sector stakeholders in other countries on how to develop new or existing skills-based technical learning institutions for the education and training of their future workforces. 

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