Workforce Nationalization Training


As part of SAIT’s Workforce Nationalization training solutions, we offer Assessment Services to support the decisions you will make about your local workforce—whether you are screening and selecting candidates, or working with us on the design and implementation  of your company-specific SAIT training solution.

Training candidate assessments for company screening and selection

From our experience working with global energy clients, we know that choosing candidates for SAIT training may be a challenging task when the diverse candidates to choose from have varying levels of academic achievement and work experience. You may be selecting your trainees and future employees from a pool of high school graduates, new graduate engineers to experienced operations and maintenance personnel.

We can provide and administer assessment tools such as tests and interviews to help you gain a better understanding of each training candidate’s proficiency in competency-based English knowledge, academic foundational knowledge and basic computer literacy.

English language assessment tool of choice: CLBA

There are a number of  English language assessments available on the market, and we’ll work with you to use the assessment tool you prefer for the purposes of: screening and selecting training candidates, designing an effective Technical English Training program and for measuring ongoing trainee progress.

However, we highly  recommend the use of a task-based versus knowledge-based  assessment tool, like the Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment(CLBA). The CLBA is an assessment tool for describing the ability to use English as a second language assessing learners on how they successfully complete each of the following tasks: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We are a recognized assessment site for the CLBA with a number of trained and certified assessors available on campus. We typically use CLBA for our in-Canada training program option.

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