Workforce Nationalization Training

Our Model

SAIT’s Workforce Nationalization Training solution is designed to train and develop your foreign national operations and maintenance personnel to the level of competency your company requires to safely and effectively perform their duties and meet nationalization targets. 

Our intensive in-Canada training program is typically delivered in under a year, and has helped to shorten the time-to-competency of participating personnel, helping their organizations speed up the start of full production of their operations in new markets.

The success of our in-Canada training program stems from:

Our training program model

The training model for our in-Canada training program integrates three critical elements to build trainee competency and provides the solid foundation for further on-the-job training and progression: English language proficiency, technical knowledge and global business culture awareness. Our unique hands-on learning environment reinforces these three critical competency areas for operations and maintenance personnel and our training support services enhance the trainees’ overall in-Canada experience.

Our flexible, collaborative and consultative approach to program design and implementation

During the program design phase of a training project we work with you to understand the performance gap that exists between selected trainees’ actual proficiency levels in technical English, academic foundations and technical skills and your organization’s competency profile requirements. We’ll use this combined learner and needs analysis for the design of your company-specific in-Canada training program.

Make the first step of your workforce nationalization strategy the right one with our in-Canada training program.

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