Management Development

Informal Learning Options

As your training partner, SAIT works collaboratively with you to develop the training solution that will meet your learner and business needs. For our Management Development Solutions, we provide you with flexibility and options. You’ll have access to our readily available industry-recognized programs and courses as the core content for your training solution, which we can adapt to your needs in a variety of ways.

We also offer informal learning options to strengthen application of learning and your return on investment such as:

Independent online learning

We design and administer sections of training programs in an online, independent learning format. This delivery format provides you and your employees with flexibility to meet operational requirements.

Pre and post work

We use pre work to focus on the application of foundational content, and post work to focus on the application of new knowledge, skills and attitude on-the-job. These tools can reduce class time and reinforce learning, and can also be used to measure learning and training effectiveness.

Mentor programs

We assist organizations to develop mentoring frameworks and mentors that support learners and the learning application.

Integration coaching

Our professional accredited coaches can support your employees in their development. Using  the Integration Coaching model and a variety of coaching tools, we work with your employees to maintain a consistent focus on increasing strengths and managing attitudes and behaviours to reach their potential.

Learning buddies

We use the Learning Buddy framework within training groups to support individual learning, completion of assignments and to discuss learning application.

Learning activities

We implement a variety of learning activities that help trainees to incorporate the knowledge and skills learned into their ongoing performance at work.

Interested in flexible group options?

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